Sue lives in New York and works at Wolff Olins doing art, creative and design direction, copywriting and strategy.







Mercedes Benz




Cannes Lion (Bronze)
Cannes Lion (Shortlist)
One Show (Silver) 
One Show (Bronze)
One Show Merits (x3)
One Show (Interactive)
One Show (Craft)
One Show (Collateral)
New Visual Artist (15 under 30)

D&AD Graphite Pencil (Brand)
D&AD Graphite Pencil (Digital)
Webbys (1 SOTY, x5 Noms)
Clio Awards (Silver)
ECHOs (Silver)
London IA (Campaign, Finalist)
London IA (Art Direction, Bronze)
Google Creative Sandbox
Effie (Silver)


Command X (2011, 2nd Place)
ADDY Awards (Gold)
CSS Design Awards
Wiley Design Award (2nd Place)
SCADY Awards (Gold)
SCADY Awards (Silver)
SCAD Honors Award
SCAD Opportunity Scholarship
ISTD Awarded Membership



Creativity Online
The New York Times
Rolling Stone
The Next Web
GOOD Magazine


Judging & Speaking

ADCC Interactive Judge
Toronto, June 2016

AIGA Design Judge & Speaker
Nebraska, November 2016

Awwwards Jury
Remote, Currently

100 Archive Jury
Remote, 2012–2015

OFFSET Speaker
Dublin, April 2015

AAF Advertising Judge
Kansas City, January 2015

IDI Design Judge
Dublin, September 2012


Things I don’t enjoy are a) changing the duvet cover and b) writing the copy for my own about page. Liam Neeson and I have one thing in common: we’re both Irish. Then we’re opposites. I’m 5’3”, he’s 6’4” and unlike his character in Taken where he has a very particular set of skills–I have a very broad set of creative skills. 

I combine art direction, design, writing, research and strategy for top Fortune 500 companies. The projects I work on can be anything from repositioning a global brand or making them even better, to reimagining experiences to be totally innovative, to product launches, to advertising campaigns. I’ll research, come up with ideas and follow through with design across all mediums with admittedly a focus on details that drives me a little nutty.

I have insanely high standards and love working collaboratively with very talented people, I do this now working at Wolff Olins. I’m a big believer in GIFs, the Internet and a great company culture–I actively make sure teams have good craic together and get stuff done.

Because of all of this I’ve worked in various agencies in places like Amsterdam (I lived there for nearly two years, Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands), San Francisco and now based in New York. I’ve a Masters in Advertising (I got one B to ruin a perfect GPA, that still haunts me)  a first class honors BA in Visual Communications and when I was in my teens I spent my summers studying for various diplomas in Multimedia. 

In my spare time I have a bunch of personal projects, such as and Good Design is Good Business (an archive I run of IBM posters), write about design, do my part in judging award shows, public speaking, mentoring students and eating a lot of cake.