Every year IBM tops as the number one place to work for as a woman in tech. During my time at Ogilvy I worked on this initiative, art directing two campaigns to promote internally and externally how awesome Women IBMers are. Helps that I'm a lady.

Year one we shot a series of videos, asking little girls with an interest in STEM to interview some of IBM's leading inventors and we took over youtube.com/ibm to showcase these. Incredibly cute. We also paid attention to where content should run and created a series of stunning shareable GIFs to spread the stories of women at IBM across Tumblr and Pinterest.


We interviewed dozens of women at IBM and turned this wisdom into posts with graphics to go alongside. They spread like mad across the internet. I found an incredible animator, Iain Acton  who animated the concepts into GIFs.


Year two we made an effort to circulate the stories of even more women at IBM, photographing female leaders across the different areas of IBM. This was to got their faces out into the world, as well as highlighting them as a source of inspiration to other women at IBM. 

A key finding in our research was that women didn't realize that if they took time out from work they wouldn't be supported back up the ladder. We shot a series of videos that showcased a day in the life of women at IBM, explaining directly that it is possible, in fact IBM make it a point to ramp back up careers.

Design for youtube.com/IBM