Back when I lived in Amsterdam, in 2012, I burned out. It was shit. My main passion in life is what I do. At that point I didn't know what I liked, and that really scared the shit out of me.

So with time off I tried to figure it out by starting a website called Polyhistors. It was a place where I'd write about all of the things that interested me that different fit under my "work title". As a random Irish 25 year old I went and interviewed the managing director of Interband, explored Wieden and Kennedy and had studios like Studio Dumbar explain their process to me.

My friends wrote for it and I edited their essays. I coded and designed a little websites about and for Polyhistors [polymaths]—people whose interests and expertise span a significant number of different subject areas. My aim was to get rid of the stigma of ‘jack of all trades’ and go back to days of Leonard da Vinci. Or Rolf Harris, whatever suits