Made with IBM


I was lucky to have the huge opportunity to work on a new brand platform and strategy for IBM.  Every single (long) day for nearly four months straight I learned the big and small of how technology transformed and changed our world. To introduce it and strike down this new path, we made 62 spots, in 5 1/2 weeks, from 14 shoots, across 5 continents, in nearly 20 countries, with amazing directors (Jesse Dylan, Joe Pytka, Doug Pray), editors and creative teams to play at the Masters. We made a website in two weeks. We made a print campaign. 

What does it mean to be a planet that generates crazy amounts of data every second? And what does that mean to you, to me, to that developer sitting by you in the coffee shop, to the woman who's starting a business from her kitchen table, to zoos, to chocolate companies, to cities, to governments... to everyone? 


“IBM’s goal is really to document a moment of change and the convergence of very powerful technology and business forces coming together."

Steve Simpson, CCO Ogilvy


"Over the course of five days, the company is airing more than 50 individual spots. But you better pay attention: They're only airing once."

Seth Fineberg, AdAge


'Made With IBM' is a concept, strategy and call to action—more than a campaign. That works with IBM as they make the bold move to reshape their company, and was born out an Ogilvy IBM hackathon. 

I worked along-side some of the most creative people I've met and the smartest IBMers. My days and nights involved thinking of ideas, hand-drawing type, illustrating hamburgers, animating identity stings in After Effects, designing apps, websites, more websites, another website, designing experiences.