I’m Sue Murphy.
This website is old.
I currently live in San Francisco.
I am originally from a small island off of Ireland.
There is a castle at the foot of the bridge you drive over to get there.
I got my hands on a camcorder when I was 8 and started making tv commercials.
I have been working on the internet since age 11.
I have since lived in many other cities.
I have spent years in companies such as Wieden+Kennedy, Ogilvy and Wolff Olins.
I do everything from strategy to creative to beautiful spreadsheets.
My job involves helping brands like Google, Nike and Facebook.
I’m now a Partner at a creative studio called Chapter in the Mission.
We are building a new type of company and a new way of working.
I am looking for other creative misfits to join us.
And for brands that know they need to do things differently to survive in today’s world.
Thank you for stopping by.